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Hi Guys,

Themarshenbaker here 🙂 Welcome to my blog where you will find recipes that I have created, tried, tested and, repeated in ‘Recipe Realness’ or blogs about places I have been to eat near and far (but not too far) in ‘Out of the House Eateries’, what ever tickles your fancy, we should have something to make your mouth water.

A little about me.

I am a graduate Bakery student who is overly passionate about food. Not just bakery but pretty much anything that is well seasoned too. I bake and cook both professionally and at home, which allows me to try everything I could possibly want too. I have a very supporting partner who is my chief tester and two of the bestest of friends who demand what I blog about next. And family that do all of the above 🙂 I am a blessed person who has travelled the country to taste different foods, and learnt how to make them many different ways. Now I am finally getting round to something I have wanted to do for a while… write a blog about everything I have eaten and everything I have created!

I hope you enjoy what you see and read on my site. And if you have any suggestions, comments or requests feel free to message me on the ‘contacting me’ page and I will reply to you as swiftly as possible on the ‘contacting you’ page!

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂