Scallop Shell – Bath, Somerset.

Firstly, WOW!

We waited less than 10 minutes to get our two starters, which we shared. We had ordered the 4x Langoustines which came in a Garlic butter sauce (not a lot of sauce but enough for me to dip my bread) and the Salt fish cakes. Both were divine! The Langoustines were cooked to perfection, and due to the freshness of this crustacean they came with a beautiful flavour that held hands with the garlic butter. The salt fish cakes, were phenomenal! Crunchy on the outside, and creamy on the inside. What else could you want? Once again the fish was fresh, elevating the flavour, and was served along side a lemon wedge and some garlic aioli.

For mains, my friend ordered the Pollock and I ordered the Skate. Both came with chip shop chips and a lemon wedge, however the Skate came with some more garlic aioli and the Pollock came with some homemade tartar sauce.

The Skate melted off the bone, and tasted nothing short of delightful, and despite having a rather large bone through out the ‘steak’ I was not left feeling like I needed something else, but I did have some of the Pollock! Because, why not! The Pollock was lightly battered and fell apart at the slightest tough, Another sign of showing that it was perfectly cooked. It just melted in the mouth and was worth every. single. penny.

10/10 I would go there again & recommend to friends, the prices weren’t high but it wasn’t as cheap as your local Maccie D’s! They do have a kids menu and an alcohol licence, which always comes in handy!

Hope you enjoyed my first official blog. Prepare for more!


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