GIRAFFE – Bath, Somerset.

Food of the world, and food for your stomach!

After stumbling across this not so little place on the way to Bath Spa train station. What caught my eye the most was the fact that you could try a international breakfast WITH a regular hot drink for only £5.00!! Now normally I don’t go for deals like this because I am always wary of portion sizes, but this was in perfect proportion and I would have happily paid more for this meal, maybe 2 or 3 more ££’s for it.

After taking a good long look at the menu, debating what part of the world my taste buds wanted to venture to, I settled on the ‘Smokey bacon Naan’ which you can see on the featured photo. Along with the 3 perfectly cooked pieces of smoked bacon, you receive half a naan bread, garlic yoghurt, spicy tomato sauce and garnished with chilli flakes and coriander. Everything worked perfectly together, it wasn’t too spice and the flavours were balanced to ensure that you could taste every single bite.

I couldn’t get enough of it!! However, after what could be deemed as a small breakfast left me wanting nothing more, except the company of my tea. Now as you will soon learn, I am someone who can happily eat a seven course meal and stop for pancakes on the way home, but this meal was the perfect size for 9:44 in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed this review, happy hippos 🙂

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