Giraffe Part 2 – Bath, Somerset.

giraffe.2After witnessing the delightful food I encountered this morning, I decided to stay a while, do some site related stuff, have a couple of drinks and stay for dinner. Which was exactly what they let me do! The encouraged me to get a softer chair for my leisure and to sit back and relax until I was able to get my next coach.

So I continued my flavour-filled journey further with a lemonade with mint. Now mint is one of the flavours that I don’t particularly like, but it is something I can appreciate when done properly. And in this drink, it was done properly. For a mere £2.something I got a mason jar (which is all the rage now I hear) full of a bitter yet sweet beverage that left me wanting more. Along side this I ordered myself a Chicken Milanese (for those who are unaware of what that is, it is a breaded boneless piece of chicken that has been fried and served under a good ladle full of tomato sauce) and by George wasn’t it just that.

The chicken was perfectly cooked, still juicy on the inside but golden brown and crispy on the outside, and the tomato sauce was delicately plain.  I mean there’s nothing wrong with having a simple sauce, when it is done right. With this they served garlic butter ‘smashed’ potatoes and a leafy salad in an unknown dressing. The garlic butter ‘smashed’ potatoes were not what I had expected, they had literally taken a folk to some of my dinner and mashed it up ever so slightly. But I was okay with this, for the simple reason that it meant that the garlic butter had leaked into every nook and cranny of my potatoes. And finally, my mysterious salad, well its safe to say that the dressing made it edible! I am not a salad kind of girl, unless it is a potato salad and is COVERED in mayo!

If this had made you hungry and you end up going out for something delicious to eat, drop me a comment on my ‘contact me’ page! I would love to hear all about it!

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