Bratwurst Roeslein – Nuremburg, Germany.

So yes, I have been to Nuremburg in Germany, and I tried as much German food as I possibly could! Naturally as a foodie tourist over there, that was what I was bound to do! So believe it or not we (my mother and I) stumbled across this place when trying to find the toilets. We had google maps up looking for the man and woman toilet emoji thing, when I spotted this BIG ASS plate of food come out of the restaurant and was served to a gentleman who seemed more than pleased over the amount of food he had just received.

So naturally, being a hungry hungry hippo, I left my mother and walked over to a waiter and asked for a menu, to try and find what that beautiful plate of food was called and how much it was going to cost my mother (because I was poor). With her key natural mother instincts she noticed I was gone and very soon after followed me. Now after a little discussion of what exactly I was looking for and vigorously pointing and this poor tourists plate we decided that it was something we both needed in our lives. Mainly because we had just had a HORRID meal the night before, which by the way was rated #4 on trip advisor…liars! I don’t know what upset me most, the fact that we went out of our was, got very excited and paid a lot of money for food that I wouldn’t leave my house for. OR the fact that a mere 5 minute walk away was #37 on trip advisor serving this beautiful plate of food for less that 15EUROS!!!

Rant over. Sorry. Anyways, we asked a waitress what it was this gentleman was eating, turns out it was a 1kg pork knuckle, that is slow roasted, and served with sauerkraut and a potato dumpling. We had to have one! So, I think it was the next day we ventured over and ordered one each!! And it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever placed in my mouth, I can not speak for my mother, but that was worth a trip back to Germany alone. It was the perfect proportion of crackling and melt in the mouth pork. The dumpling I wasn’t so keen on but the sauerkraut was also phenomenal.

20/10 would go there again in a heart beat and I probably will. Enjoy the picture I have attached, I hope it makes your mouth water as much as mine is thinking about it!

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