Cafe Einstein Stammhaus – Berlin, Germany

I went here for Valentines day 2018, because why not go big when you’re not at home! My partner and I enjoyed the short amount of travel needed on the train from Berlin city center, seeing views of Berlin we would not have seen without that train ride. Once getting off the train it was a mere walk of 20 minutes (but it too us longer on the way there because google maps thought it would be fun to take us the wrong way).

When we got there, the view from the out side was beautiful. Because it was dark, they had all the outside lights on , which lit in up and made it look even more elegant than expected. When we arrived inside, we were asked for our coats and then seated in a booth (which was unbelievable because we made a late booking and it was valentines day!!) In the booth we had a lovely view of the rest of the room, we got to watch meals come in and out of the kitchen, which was fascinating for me being a baker. Within 5 minutes of sitting down we had menus, a bread basket and a lovely waitress asking us if we would like to order drinks yet. Normally, i would get frustrated at the fact we had no time to look at the menu but my partner had just gone to the toilet and i wanted to surprise him with a bottle of prosecco, his favourite other than Strongbow dark fruits! For a small amount of 38 Euro we got a bottle and constant pouring service. This meant that every time our glasses were near the bottom, our waitress would come over and top us up with a smile.

We ordered mains and a dessert. For mains we both ordered the pork schnitzel, due to it because a recommended meal and it being a traditional German food. When they came out they were MASSIVE! With our pork schnitzel we had a berry compote, which sounded weird to me too but i was willing to try anything. And my lord, it worked. We also got a lemon wedge and a warm potato salad. Once again, something i was worried about but was perfect with the rest of the meal. The schnitzel itself wasn’t dry like it could have been, i have had schnitzel before where it was like chewing on leather but this was melt in the mouth.

For dessert, My partner ordered a coconut and mango dessert. It was a coconut jaconde sponge with a mango sorbet. Served along side a coconut gel andΒ  bits of mango. Now i don’t particularly like coconut, but i could have ate the whole thing. It was done in such a way where the coconut did not over power the dish but simple helped lift it, like an ant. My dessert on the other hand was something completely different. I had the black Forrest gateau inspired strudel.Β  This was served with a boozy cream and a vanilla ice cream. The strudel was warm, with what i could only label as a creme patisserie center, wrapped around winter berries. It was amazing, just slightly too heavy after such a large meal.

Hope this has made you want to go to Germany! If it has please check out my other blog about Bratwurst Roeslein!!

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