Rawlings Love to Eat – Glasgow, Scotland

Just to put this out there, I loved this place so much I went back to work there for a week. Lovely staff and even better food!

We wanted to try as much as we could on the menu, but unfortunately there was way to much to try and not a lot of time. I went for the spicy beans on toast with a runny egg. It was delightful! I wish the beans had been spicier, but I think that has something to do with the high spice tolerance I have. My friend on the other hand had the tai chicken that you self wrap yourself in fresh crispy lettuce leaves. To the side of this we had something I have never heard of before. Nachos made with fried potato scones!! FRIED POTATO SCONES!! They were amazing!! What made it even better was the homemade tomato salsa that came with them.

For dessert I had the Lemon meringue pie, despite having only a small amount of lemon curd at the bottom of the pie, it still packed a punch. With the larger amount of meringue on the top made the perfect balance of sweet and sour. The pastry held itself perfectly but crumbled in the mouth, it was beautifully buttery.

My friend had the award winning carrot cake. And all I can say for this was, it deserved the award. Simple as. Perfection.

When I was working with the baker Nikki, we made an afternoon tea together, and I have never felt more joy than knowingly passing this beautiful display of cakes to a customer, knowing that they are the best of products made with the highest of quality ingredients.

This family run business is the exact reason why I love food so much. Please if you ever find yourself in Glasgow, pay them a visit, it will be worth it!

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