Viva – Blackpool, Lancashire

Around June 2017, I have the utter pleasure of going seeing a show and having a meal a Viva in Blackpool. We enjoyed the meal so much at the show we decided to go back the next day to see what they had on the day menu.

We wanted to try everything, I mean everything. We started off with cheesy balls, filled with cheese and potato deep fried to a delicious golden brown crumb. Along side this we also ordered a spicy slow cooked chicken wrap. Both were as equally delicious as each other and was worth every single bite. The only problem was, having two carb filled starters meant that we struggled to eat our humongous burgers.

Speaking of burgers, I ordered the original burger which came with double beef patties, and oozing of cheese and salad served with coleslaw and chips. My partner ordered the Kevin Bacon Burger. This was a beef patty smothered with a cheese sauce and bacon crumb, also served with coleslaw and chips.

Now, we wasn’t a fan of the Kevin Bacon burger, but we can not shrug off the fact that it was a well made cheese sauce, the burger was fresh and seemed to be handmade and lower fat. We simply just don’t like cheese sauce that much, and there was a LOT of cheese sauce. On the other hand, the original burger was amazing! Once again, perfectly cooked patties, top quality sauce and the chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

Take a trip to the beach and go try these for yourself! And if the day is as nice and hot as it was when we went, you should treat yourself to one of there amazing milkshakes too! Happy munching.

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