Bertinet – Bath, Somerset

I have been on a course at Betinet cookery school and I have worked along side Richard Bertinet himself, and I can honestly say that everything that you buy from Bertinet is the highest of quality. I loved every second of being at Bertinet, and the products from there are that good that I would travel to bath just for some of his fougasse!

Now this is less of a restaurant review and more of a bakery review, you can sit and and have a coffee or a lemonade with you croissant, so you can still class it as an out of the house eatery but the beauty is, you can go and after you have finished your coffee and croissant, you can go back to the counter and get something for your tea. Or for your way home, if you commuted to the bakery like I do. Honestly, I did a 8 hour trip back to Sheffield (where I was living at the time) with nothing but a bag full of the beautiful products they sell at Bertinet and was 100% satisfied.

Unofrtunately, because this wasn’t something where I had a specific thing to eat (because I ate everything I could) this will have to be a shorter review. But it is worth the trip and if you ever find yourself in Bath with some free food time, and you’re not wanting a full meal, take a trip to one of the Bertinet bakery shops or the cookery school on a Saturday have a bakery shop too! And, whilst you’re down there get yourself a course list! They may be a little pricey but worth every. single. penny.

Hope you enjoyed this change of events. I know I have 🙂



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