Bocca – Menai Bridge, Wales

We have been to this place once or twice now because it is our favourite place to eat in Menai Bridge. My partner’s sister used to live across the road from the little bistro called Bocca which is why we decided to go there.

Now, if you know Menai Bridge at all, it is a little town where every one knows everyone and everyone wants to know you. And as tourists, this is something we like. I personally like going somewhere and knowing that the people won’t turn their noses up at you.

So we went to Bocca with our minds open and our stomachs empty. By this point, we have had our fair share of bad Italian meals from highly recommended restaurants, but this place was worth shouting about. On the picture it doesn’t look like there is a lot of food, but trust me, the bowls are deep and every meal leaves you feeling satisfied.

I ordered the seafood pasta, and I have never been so happy to have a full crustacean on the top of my plate, but I was that determined to eat every single bit of this lost cost, full of flavour meal, I picked that crustacean apart and enjoyed every single bite. The tomato sauce was rich in flavour and just brought the seafood and pasta to life (sorry for the poor choice in words), every element of this dish was lifted. It was perfectly seasoned to the point where I am not sure why there was salt and pepper on the table and perfectly presented, despite the picture potentially not doing it justice.

My partner on the other hand, ordered tagliatelle. It was chicken and bacon tagliatelle, which personally is not my cup of tea, but he did not shut up about it for weeks afterwards, so it must have been good! That’s pretty much all I can say on his dish. But like I said I have been before and I will most definitely go again!

Hope you enjoyed this review. Hope to hear some of your comments and suggestions soon! 🙂


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