Der Beck – Nuremburg, Germany

So this was a bakery that was literally outside our hotel in Germany. We would go here every morning for a proper cup of coffee and something delicious to eat. We came here to get pack lunches for the day when we went to the museums and we came here for late night and early morning snacks. And everything we ate was delicious.


The selection was massive, they had pastry sandwiches!! PASTRY!! I mean who would want that?!?! I would. I did. I have. It was amazing. It was like a puff pastry with a chicken schnitzel, and a sauce I can not quite remember but I remember thinking this is one of the best things ever. But honestly, who would think about having chicken schnitzel on puff pastry and serving it as a sandwich? Who ever did I need to personally thank you.

In the picture in the middle (this was another one of my favourite things to get from the bakery) was a chocolate and sweet dough pretzel and a open pretzel (with base) with a berry jam and CHEESECAKE CRUMBLE!! It was the perfect balance of sweet from the cheesecake and bitter from the berry jam.

The chocolate and sweet dough pretzel was delightful. Not quiet as amazing but still opened my eyes. Nothing in my brain thought that a sweet pretzel would be good, but that might be mainly because of my pure love for normal pretzels but I am happy with the result.

Like I said, I came to this place every single day for a reason, and I well and truly feel like you need to visit here too!

Happy munching guys 🙂


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