Milch & Zucker – Berlin, Germany

I am not going to lie to you, stumbling upon this place was not our intension when we set out that day on our holidays. We were actually on our way to the Zoo when a hangry baker came out to play. We pretty much jumped into the first café we saw to ensure that my mood did not dramatically drop.

So we walked past Milch & Zucker a couple of times, and no offense, it looked a bit of a mess from the outside (which is why we never went in, the first time around) it was ‘tagged’ and was painted a dirty grey colour. But that didn’t stop us when we was hungry.

We went in and basically ordered what I could translate into English. Despite the staff speaking better English than my German, they still found it fun to see me try. My partner ordered a meat and cheese sharing platter all for himself, and I must admit it looked amazing and he did eat pretty much the whole thing. Except the olives, I ate those.

As you can see from the picture, it was a weird arrangement of food, it came with different meats, cheeses, condiments, breads, fruits and, a salad. It was weird but it worked. And we figured out if you ate it in a certain order it was slightly like a three course meal. Fruit salad for starters, meats and bread for mains (also known as a sandwich) and, a cheese board for dessert. Or something like that.

As for myself, I just ordered a seeded bagel. When I ordered it, I wasn’t 100% sure what it was because I literally just pointed at it in the counter. But it looked delicious! AND IT WAS. I mean, there is not much you can say about a sandwich, but this one I can, I wont but, I can.

It was the perfect meat to cheese to bread ratio. There was crunchy clean salad, you know when you can taste the cleanliness of lettuce, yeah I could taste it then. There was a load of seeds on the bun, which for me was perfect. and meat, lots and lots of meat. I was great. I wish I knew a place where I live now that did sandwiches that good.

Let me know if you guys know of any great sandwich places, or any food places at all for me to check out! Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy hippos 🙂


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