Pork Vindaloo

What you will need to marinade the pork is the following:

1tsp chilli powder, 1 1/2tbsp ground cumin, 1 1/2 ground coriander, 1/2tsp ground fenugreek, 1/2tsp ground cloves, 1tbsp black pepper, 1/2tsp ground tumeric, 3/4tsp cinnamon, 1/2tsp cardamon, 4 green chillies, 7tbsp red wine vinegar, 2tbsp soft brown sugar, 3tbsp garlic and ginger paste.

I appreciate that this is a lot of different spices. So if you do not own some of these, or some of the spices are things that you would particularly want to invest in, i personally liked the curry with and without the following spices in it: fenugreek, ginger and, soft brown sugar. I used white sugar, because it was all i had in the cupboard.

Put this marinade on to your pork chunks and leave it to rest in your fridge for 30 minutes or for a better more intense flavour, you should leave the pork to marinade over night. I slow cooked my curry, so i had nice tender pork chunks, and was well worth the 8 hours of smelling nothing but beautiful curry.

For the sauce you will need: 4tbsp rapeseed oil, 1 head of garlic (cut into slithers), 1tsp brown mustard seeds, 2 onions (finely diced), 1 tin of tomatoes, 1tsp chilli powder, 2 bay leaves, salt and, a squeeze of lemon.

Once again, the things that you could leave out would be the mustard seeds and the bay leaves.

If you are going to make a slow cooked curry, then it as simple of cooking off the onions in a pan and adding them along with everything else into the pot and leaving for 8 hours on low and 4/5 hours on high.

If you’re making a pan curry then, put the oil in the pan and fry off the onions, once they are translucent add your garlic and ginger paste. Once the paste has cooked out then you can add your meat. Wait until the pork has coloured on the outside, then add all your other ingredients. Let it sit and cook out until the pork if fully cooked through, and all the spices.

Serve with rice and naan bread! it makes a great substitute for your Saturday night takeaway!

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