Wings & Beer – Preston

So this place is called Wings and Beer. The name implies it all, you go there for wings and beer, so naturally i decided it would be better to order something they do not pride themselves on along with something they do pride them selves on. Which boiled down to a burger and wings.

I ordered ‘The SFP FC’ burger, which consisted of 2 beef patties, jammed together with two slices of perfectly crispy pieces of bacon, obviously cheese and, caramelised onion chutney. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! It was served on top of a brioche bun and served along side of some chips that had been lovingly doused with red salt. Which, may i add, is my favourite type of salt.

Now believe me or not, but this burger that i ordered was only £9! And with the addition of £2.50 i was able to add on 5 buffalo chicken wings, which is one of my favourite chicken wing flavours! To be perfectly honest with you though, i think chicken wings are the best food anyways.

And if you didn’t already think that this was an awesome place to visit with or without my comments above, well then let me tell you this. Cider lovers and likers, they have Rekorderlig on tap! WHICH WAS ONLY £4.10 A PINT!! I’m not going to lie to you, i will be going back to this place numerous times, its filling for your stomach, easy on your pockets and, full of amazing alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy with your meal!!

Go, give yourself a treat and let that treat be wings!! Happy munching.


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