Seasoned Duck and Onion Mash

My partner had never had duck before, so i decided to make seasoned duck for him one night, and its safe to say he gobbled it up. I literally don’t think it touched the sides.

to make the duck, i melted butter and added some garlic, rosemary and, a bit of salt and pepper. Once the butter has infused, then you add your duck. When you have browned the outside of your duck put the pan with the duck into the oven.

For the mash, roughly chop up 1 or 2 onions, and fry them off until they have gone transparent. Add the onions to a blender with some milk or cream until you have made a paste.

Chop 3-4 potatoes (for two people) into small chunks and boil them until soft. When you take them off the heat, drain the water and put them into the blender with the onion paste and salt and pepper. Add more cream or milk to taste.

For the vegetables, just boil some carrots and green beans until they are nearly fully cooked. Drain the water and add them to the pan that the duck was in. Take the duck out of the pan and let it rest whilst you finish off the other elements of the dish.

Make sure everything is seasoned properly to your own taste and enjoy the food 🙂

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