Curry & Beer – Berlin, Germany

This is where my partner and I ate in Berlin for the first time. It was so cheap and so delicious, and the smell alone was worth stopping for. We had walked past this place about 4 or 5 times before we decided to go in. Not because we didn’t want to visit this establishment but mainly because we could find our way back to the hotel.

Once we had found our way back and had gotten changed, we decided that we should stop in and have a look what we could have for tea. But more than anything I wasn’t some proper German sausage and some of the best beer I have ever tasted. Personally I am a cider kinda girl, but when in Germany, I am all about the beer.

The people who worked there were so polite and did not laugh at my poor attempt of speaking German (I personally think I did well, but we will never truly know), they simple helped me along with the words and congratulated me when I had finished the order in full. The service was full of smiles and the food took literally about 5 minutes until it came to us, piping hot.

I ordered the XXL Currywurst with fries (because I was starving) and my partner ordered a burger, because he didn’t know if he liked German food just yet. Its safe to say we ended up sharing half of his burger and half of my currywurst and fries. Along with that, it was everywhere we went he had some form of sausage.

The food, just like the people were worth flying over for. I have no complaints about this place what so ever, apart from they need to be more recognised. They are based on a street corner in the centre of Berlin, but for some reason they were really quiet when we went.

There is not much more I can say about this place. The food was cheap but yet tasted like high quality meat. The people were fantastic and spoke quiet good English. And was perfectly warm for a cold and frosty day in Berlin!!

I would 110% go back there if I ever found myself in Berlin again, and would recommend anyone to go.

Happy eating!!


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