Mexican Salad – VG

Every one loves a good salad. But people like them more, when they have a kick. This recipe comes with a homemade dressing that will blow your mind and maybe the back of your throat, depending on how many chillies you would like to add 🙂


So to start this off you need to make the dressing. Get a baking tray and make sure that it is well oiled. Cut off the ends of garlic off, and put them on the tray along with salt, pepper, red chillies, green chillies and, some basil. Leave them to bake in the oven until you can smell it through out the house. Or until they are done.

Once the tray of goodies has cooled down put all of the above into a jug and blend it together using a hand blender. If you don’t own a hand blender you can use a potato masher (it will have the same affect in the sense of the flavours will come bursting out but you will have a chunkier dressing). Add some lime and lemon juice, along with some more oil too loosen it up. For extra heat you can add some more chillies, but leave them raw this time. Now for the spices. Add some paprika, not a lot just enough to add a nice red colour to the dressing, and add more salt and pepper if you feel like it is needed. And there you go, you have made your dressing! If you store this in a air tight container, I n the fridge it can last you up to a month.

Now is the easy part, On a plate add some tortilla chips, some lettuce (whatever kind you fancy, I used a crunch leaf mix). Do this 50/50 because it adds a nice crunch to your salad, and a welcome change to a salad.

In a bowl add some tomatoes that have been quartered, some sliced onion, sweetcorn, cooked and cooled kidney beans, some fresh red chillies and, some slice bell peppers. Mix these all together and place in the centre of your plate. Like it is a divider to your crisps and your lettuce. Slice some avocado to the top just before serving and serve with a wedge of lime.

Now if you wanted to make this for someone who does eat meat, just add some chicken to the top of your salad. I baked my chicken breast with some salt and pepper and a little bit of the dressing.

Hope you all enjoy your salads!!


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