Cupcake heaven

So I personally think that these cupcakes are to die for. I have never had a problem with this recipe, and they are always light and fluffy.

So to begin you will need to cream 225g of butter with 125g of sugar together in a bowl. When the butter has changed colour to a lighter yellow colour and gone light and fluffy it is ready for the next stages.

Get 4 eggs. Separate the yolks from the whites. Add the yolks to the butter and sugar mix. Once the yolks have been fully mixed in add, 225g of plain flour. The mix should be slightly runny, if it isn’t add a little bit of milk to make it a smooth consistency.

With the egg whites you will need to make a meringue, when you have got the egg whites to the point where they are white on the top and still egg white coloured on the bottom, add a spoon full of sugar, and keep on whisking it. Once you have a stiff meringue, you need to fold that into the silky smooth cake batter you have already made. The meringue will ensure that your cakes are light and fluffy .

Spoon the cake mixture into cupcakes cases of your choosing. And bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes. But keep and eye on them!! You don’t want them burning.

If you want a delicious recipe for frosting all you need to do is look below 🙂

Delicious frosting

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