Delicious frosting

This recipe is so simple it hurts. Now the quantities I have wrote down here are for a large amount of buttercream. I did a cake, 12 cupcakes and still had enough left over to probably do another cake.

So I used 2 blocks of butter (which is about 450g) and creamed it so it was nice and smooth. Once you have made the butter smooth, add 1.7kg of icing sugar to the butter. Cover the bowl you are mixing it in with a tea towel so the icing sugar doesn’t ‘puff’ out everywhere. Just before it is mixed in fully add some milk, it just makes it extra smooth and creamy.

I left mine to mix for about 30 minutes, just because my cakes weren’t cooled yet. But oh my, it was some of the best buttercream/frosting I have ever had.

If you try it, please feel free to send in pictures of your finished products, or any changes you made to the recipe.

Happy baking šŸ™‚

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