Fougasse pizza

I know that when I babysit my cousins they love a good pizza, but as all mothers, babysitters, aunties, cousins, grandparents and so on, will know, the frozen pizzas you can buy from a super market are sometimes super greasy and not good for regular consumption. But I have found a mouth watering way to give the little ones the pizza they desire whilst knowing that they are getting something that is better for them than one you can get out of the freezer.

To start off I slice some fougasse bread in half. Now, I appreciate that you can not just nip to your local supermarket and get some fougasse, so you may be pleased to know that a great second best would be to have ciabatta. So slice your bread in half and lightly oil the bread.

Once the oil has soaked into the bread add a good helping off garlic and herb passata and spread it evenly over the bread. Add a layer of grated parmesan and some rosemary to the bread halves. Drizzle a layer of oil onto the top of the pizza breads you have made and bake until golden.

fougasse pizza

These are beautiful to eat for all ages. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my cousins and I do.

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