Cheats chicken noodle soup

This is great for those days when you come home from work, and you’re super tired but you don’t want to have something that will leave you wanting more. Well this soup is perfect for days like that!

To start off you want to roughly chop up some chicken and fry it off with some salt and pepper. Once you have cooked the out side of the chicken you can add some onions and mushrooms and cook them out. It is not massively important at this point that the chicken is fully cooked through.

In a separate pan start to boil your spaghetti. When you have cooked off your onions and mushrooms, add 1 can (per two people) of cream of chicken soup. As the soup heats up and boils down it will finish cooking the chicken but also absorb the juices from the chicken to get a deep chicken flavour throughout the soup.

Make sure you check the biggest piece of chicken in the soup before serving, just to ensure that it has been fully cooked.

Add your pasta to the soup and leave for 2-4 minutes before serving. This soup will fill up the emptiest of tummy’s in a record cooking time of 20 minutes (well maybe not record time, but every minute counts when you’re tired after a long day at work)!

I hope you have enjoyed this recipe for cheats chicken soup. Leave me a comment saying how your soup went down or how you mixed it up with your own personal changes.

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