Chilli con carne

Lets be honest, every one loves a good classic home meal. But sometimes the premix’s don’t always live up to your standards. So let me take you through how I like my chilli con carne.

To start off, dice a large onion and a bell pepper (I like to use red) and fry them in a non stick pan. Now you can add your beef. Once your beef has gone around 70% brown, start to chop your garlic. I used 4 cloves and chopped them after crushing them. Once your beef if fully browned off, add a jar of herb passata or you can add a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Sprinkle some dried mixed herbs, paprika, salt, pepper and, gravy granules into the bubbling mix you have made. These aren’t measured because personally I think this should be done by personal preference.

The longer you let that sit on the heat, the better the flavour will get. Just make sure you stir it regularly and add more water to your mix when needed to stop it from drying out.

Now you can put your rice on the heat. I don’t make the rice in my house, because for some reason I can not seem to get it as light and fluffy as my partner does. So here is my partner to tell you about how he makes his rice…

Greetings to all! I do like some good well cooked rice, I’ve become quite a rice connoisseur. The key to rice is softness, if its not soft, its not right and it certainly wont be enjoyable to eat.

To start off, you need the following:

1 Pan with a suitable lid, if you don’t have a lid, alternatives could be used such as tin foil.

Rice of course.

And that’s pretty much it!

Step 1: To start, use a cup to scoop out your rice and place it in the pan. Wash the rice in the pan while gently pouring the excess water out, try to prevent rice from falling out of the pan! This is important to stop the rice from sticking when cooked.

Step 2: Fill the pan with water until its roughly 1CM above the rice and turn the hob on until the water starts to really bubble away!

Step 3: Once the water is bubbling, give the rice a quick stir and turn the heat way down, not off. Place the lid or alternative over the pan and let the rice steam.

Note* Check up on the rice every 5-10minutes after the initial 10minutes of steaming, ensure there’s still water at the bottom of the pan to prevent the rice from burning and keep taking small amounts out to check the softness, once the rice is soft, continue to steam until the rice is slightly dry, this process tends to be the most risky as there will be little water to stop the rice from burning.

Once your rice is on, you can grate your cheese ready for serving. And once your rice is done, enjoy your hearty home cooked meal, which is great for all ages.

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