Steak and Ale pie

Okay so this is something I make when I am in a really good mood and I want to treat my loved ones. You can either make this in a slow cooker, or in a large pan. I chose to make it in a large pan because I personally feel like it is easier with the following steps.

So to start off you need to melt a healthy blob of butter. This will be your base so feel free to put more in than you would normally. Next you need to add your 2 medium/large onions that you have diced into slightly large chunks than normal.

Whilst that it cooking you will need to coat your diced steak and kidney’s in plain flour. I seasoned my flour with a little bit of sea salt and ground black pepper. Add your coated meat into the pan with the onions and your butter and fry it off until all of your meat has been seared on all sides.

Next you will want to add your ale. Now because I am not an ale drinker, I used what our friends have left at our house, which was John Smiths. Came out beautifully. But if you have a preferred ale, then feel free to use that instead. So, for a larger pie you will want to use 1 and a halfΒ  cans, this is because you don’t want the ale flavour to completely take over the meaty flavour.

Now let this cook for 2-3 hours, make sure you stir it when ever you can. Once the cooking time is over you can put this meaty mixture into your pie dish. If you have any gravy left over, you can freeze it for you Sunday lunch or just for a later date.

Now cover your pie with your puff pastry. For costing reasons (and because this blog is all about making sure everything is cost affective for all readers) I used just-roll ready made puff pastry. I rolled it out just a little bit more to make it bake faster and to ensure that it covered all of my pie dish. Finally I egg washed the pastry (1 whole egg and 1 yolk) then seasoned it with sea salt and ground black pepper before putting it into the oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

stake and ale pie 2

And like all pie should, I served it along with mash and carrots. What do you like your pie with? Please comment if you enjoyed this recipe.


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