Apple and thyme pork

This is something that you can make within minutes and leave it for hours before having to do anything else. Great for the days you are running around, creating a mighty hunger.

Start by roughly chopping 1 large onion and 2 medium red apples and put these in a ‘oven to table’ dish. Next add 5 sprigs of thyme, sea salt, ground black pepper and 1/2 a pint of water. Next dry the fat on your pork joint, now slice it deep so it reaches the meat and the finally rub salt onto the fat. Put this into the oven for 2 -2 1/3 hours.

When your timer has 50 minutes left on it, jump back into the kitchen and start chopping yourself some potatoes. Place these on a tray or another ‘oven to table’ dish before rubbing butter into them. I find it better that the butter is not melted before rubbing into the potatoes. Season and put into the oven with your pork.

When your timer says 30 minutes remaining, roughly chop some mushrooms and add them to the pork dish. This is a good time to prepare any vegetables you would like to serve along side the dish.

Once your pork is ready, let it sit on the side for 10 minutes. Plate up your potatoes and your vegetables. With the apples, thyme, onions, mushrooms and pork juices, place them into a blender to make a thick and creamy puree.

Serve with the puree on the meat or along side it, either way it is delicious! Please enjoy this recipe as much as me and my partner have!

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